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   Present day there are very much chances of employment as well as self-employment for the professionally trained candidates compared to higher educated candidates. Higher education requires much finance as well as long duration, not only that for admission in higher education requires higher percentage in std. 10 and std. 12. so very few make their career in higher education. Out of these there were not 100 % chances of employment. The option to these less qualified candidates to get employment as well self-employment is by getting professional training.

   In present day’s scenario industrial development increasing day by day. Also no. of foreign industries setting their plants in the country. Newer area of working increasing. In this situation there are lots of opportunities for professionally trained candidates. Candidates trained in Industrial Training Institutes got jobs not only in India they also got job abroad too. It is the best choice for getting professional skill for employment as well as self-employment.

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   For the people of Gujarat professional training given in no. of Govt. industrial training institutes, Grant in aid industrial training institutes and self-finance industrial training center under the Department of Employment & training of Govt. of Gujarat.